Xhezair Zaganjori, candidate for the President of Albania
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Albanian parliament will vote tomorrow for the new president of the country. The official candidate for this position is Xhezair Zaganjori, member of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Albania, reports albanian informative portal, Albeu.com. His candidature is proposed by the majority.

Xhezair Zaganjori is born on March 9, 1957 in Shkodr, Albania. He is graduated from Law at University of Tirana in 1981.

Since that time he has been lecturer of International Law, and the European Human Rights, at Faculty of Law of Tirana University, the Magistrates' School and the School of European Studies in Tirana.

During the years 1992-1997, Mr. Zaganjori has been Ambassador of the Republic of Albania in Germany.

In 1993 he get the title "Doctor of Law" and in 2009 "Professor". / Albeu.com/
Published on: May 29, 2012 - 10:07 pm
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