Wollfarth: Democracy has won
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"In this strong race for mayor of the Tirana Municipality has won the democracy. It is done an important step for the upcoming national elections, even why the political parties still claim a possible victory," stated the OSCE Ambassador in Albania, Eugen Wollfarth.

"I'm glad they finished counting. The final report will be released by OSCE/ODIHR. It was a race that made hearts to beat so much. I have always thought and endorse candidates because race was a strong pulse attack. In fact it is important not only the small difference, but every vote was counted and it was important for democracy. It was impressive, a race that made ​​the heart beat stronger, although I congratulate the two political forces, "said Wollfarth.

"Democracy has won. It was an important step that would be followed by another good step for the development of city and village. It was a positive step for the next elections. "/albeu.com/
Published on: May 14, 2011 - 10:22 pm
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