Why Meta opposes Rama regarding the Justice Reform
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SMI MP Spartak Braho, speaking at the Special Committee for Justice Reform has spoken of the points where his party does not agree with the SP. He stressed that the draft should be a consensus on the recommendations of the Venice Commission.

"We have different stances regarding the career system. We want the career system to dominate, to be the core of criteria. We have a very different view regarding mandates, we have a reformulation of our own on the election of members of the Constitutional Court, according the German model.

We have another option for the organization of the Supreme Court, considering that it should be the one and only, divided into sections. We have another opinion related to the organization of the Prosecutor's Office, seeing it as a unified body and have its special anti-corruption structures. We want the minister of justice to have a more active role", said Braho.

In view of SMI, the draft is loaded with numerous changes to the Constitution, which Braho said can be avoided through laws. Another reserve SMI has is the large number of institutions that are created.

"We have to continue the dialogue and political and professional dialogue takes place here on the table. I reiterate once again this call and I have no reason why not welcome the arrival of representatives of the opposition here," said Braho. /albeu.com/
Published on: January 15, 2016 - 4:42 pm
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