WB: Economic growth will slow in 2011
Banka Boterore
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Global economic growth will slow this year, with developing countries like India and China that will provide most of the growth, says World Bank (WB).

The Bank estimates that the growth of the global DGP will be 3.3 percent this year against 3.9 per cent that it was last year, while emerging markets will grow by 6 percent. These rates will not be enough to reduce unemployment in the economies hardest hit.

World Bank warned that "tensions and serious pitfalls" will continue. The Bank also was very concerned for the rising food prices.

China expected to have economic growth by 8.7 percent, India by 8.5 percent, while rich countries, collectively forecast to increase by 2.4 percent.
Published on: January 14, 2011 - 9:51 am
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