Vujanovic: The countries of former Yugoslavia should be one state, except ...
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The Vienna summit of Western Balkans, to be held in late August, is very important, because of its political value and economic one, said in an exclusive interview to "Anadolu Agency", Filip Vujanovic, President of Montenegro.

He recalled that three years ago when the Brdo Brijuni process was constituted, Croatia and Slovenia as members of the European Union, after the breakup of the former Yugoslavia, promoted the Western Balkan countries in political and economic terms to enable acceleration of the process of European integration, but also to get more funds through the Commission and its funds, banks and Member States, to connect more strongly with countries of the region and ensure the implementation of regional projects.

"After the summit in Slovenia the Berlin summit took place where regional cooperation was encouraged, in particular, good neighborly relations, as very important of accelerating the European integration. This is important. We got a message from Berlin, the more we cooperate, the closer we are, because this significantly depends on the process of European integration. On the other hand, we want to focus on the priority projects", said Vujanovic.

Western Balkan countries need to focus on economic reform to improve their chances of joining the EU, Vujanovic said.

"We need joint projects to develop our economies," he said.
"The biggest problem is that our highways are not in good condition. Our priority is to build the Adriatic–Ionian motorway to connect almost all the countries in the region to Europe."

According to Vujanovic, the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline Project is also a priority for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia, who consume up to 10 billion cubic meters of gas a year.

"Bonding those countries with Trans-Adriatic Pipeline Project (TAP) is very important," Vujanovic said. "Implementing this project will realize a major energy investment."

He believes that NATO entry for his country, but also Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, would be a good think.

When it comes to border issues, in the opinion of the President of Montenegro, he recalled that the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia took place on the issues of borders and territories, and the Hague Conference, which did not succeed, proposed that each country should be independent.

"It was an excellent suggestion of Alija Izetbegovic and Kiro Gligorov, that the remaining countries, except Slovenia and Croatia, should try to keep a union confederation. The whole dispute was essentially a dispute over territory. We know that the problem was over Bosnia", he said. /
Published on: August 18, 2015 - 4:08 pm
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