Vetting Law, DP gives evidence of a deformed translation
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Just one day after the US Ambassador said that the DP was delaying the Vetting law because they feared justice, the biggest party of the opposition through Oerd Bylykbashi stood to its version of a wrong translation of the Venice Commission Law.

Bylykbashi presented a series of what he calls evidence that the Vetting Law was intentionally deformed.

"DP has supported the removal of corrupted Prosecutors when the Constitutional amendments were passed. But you cannot do this by manipulating the translation. Official contacts show the translation was made by Euralius. The Venice Commission made full transparency with the documents published online. They have both the law with the wrong text, and the translated one that was sent later. Other websites, including EURALIUS, have removed their previous translations from their websites", Bylykbashi said.

"DP experts presented this deformation of the law to the Constitutional Court, which sent it back to the Venice Commission and undertook another translation with licensed experts from the Ministry of Justice.

We need to know which is the state authority that wanted to manipulate with the wrong translation. The Constitutional Court sent the official translation, which is correct, and the Venice Commission has published this one by removing the older one.
There is also another big mistake. The Venice Commission says that the first version of the law is not October 28th, neither November 16th, but October 16th. Who had the interest to send the Venice Commission to a wrong direction?", Bylykbashi added. /

Published on: December 6, 2016 - 6:10 pm
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