Universities closure, Pollo: Rama is corrupted
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Democrat MP Genc Pollo commented today the decision to close several universities, by saying that the government and Mr. Rama did everything without any transparence.

"This week the Prime minister spoke for public and private universities, and this time, it had serious consequences. First of all i want to says that the Democrats support law enforcement. We know the system has many problems, but the inspection was conducted in such a haste and without any transparence. The report only mentions the names of the universities that will be closed, but does not mention what problems they had. Even the decision of the government has not been published on the official website”, he said. According Pollo, the DP supports the request of many universities to make everything transparent.

"They broke the law when decided to close 63 study programs, because they did not take into account any proposals from the educational institutions and did not consult the Accreditation Council, as the law demands”, Pollo said.
He also mocked the PM for his comments on Twitter. "He promissed to give more money for the educational system, 5 percent he said, but till now, nothing has happened”, he said. /albeu.com/
Published on: August 10, 2014 - 1:40 pm
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