Topi: Himara represents collaboration
Bamir Topi
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The smile of the President of the Republic, Bamir Topi betrays his thoughts. Shaking hands with the new team leader of the Municipality of Himara has something more than protocol.

Hotbed of tension in the past, in recent elections and polls conducted Himara smooth rotation of power. So the president expressed the conviction that here there will be no blockage of the Council, as happened in some other municipalities recently.

"Either the Mayor or the leader of the City Council despite representing different political forces should cooperate with each other to build a healthy philosophy for the functioning of local government," said Topi.

But the president refuses to comment on the report, by avoiding to take position on the standards of elections. As for the constitutional change, promises that if they have, will be expressed within the authority recognized by the Constitution.

"The president has the right to express themselves at the last moment with his decree. But even when political parties have made constitutional changes have not asked the president, but this does not mean that in future the President not to hold his position, "said Topi.

The President highlighted the urgent need for political cooperation, in the name of the country's European future. In this context, he said parliament next season is extremely important.

But until then, there is still some time for the holidays. On Wednesday morning the president will be in Saranda, and in the evening will be a family dinner with the President of the Republic of Kosovo Atifete Jahjaga.
Published on: August 23, 2011 - 10:07 pm
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