Tony Blair in Tirana, meets PM Edi Rama
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The Prime minister of Albania, Edi Rama had a meeting with the ex-prime minister of United Kingdom, Tony Blair. During the press conference, Mr. Rama said that in a short period of time, the government will create a special structure to deal with the priorities of the Albanian government. "" news agency reports that Rama praised the contribution that Mr. Blair and other partners have given to Albania and said that Blair will advise the government for free.

“Together with Mr. Blair we will create a special structure that will deal with the achievement of the objectives. Seeing him taking the stairs of this building, i could not be any prouder that from his leadership we gained something big. Albania has gained a friend. Blair is helping us for free”,-said Mr. Rama.

Mr. Blair said that he was happy to be back in Albania. He also praised the changes made during these years.

“My return in Tirana happens during an important time. When i came here many years ago, the region was dealing with a lot of problems. I am here because i believe in these people and in the progress that can be achieved. I think that moving towards EU is the right thing and i really hope to see Albania, part of EU. An important thing is also the cooperation with the other countries. For a government is important to take care of people’s everyday problems. What we want to do is to work together with the World Bank and other institutions. I was in Tirana 10 years ago, and let me say, that it has changed a lot. We will work to bring Albania into the future”,-said Mr. Blair. /
Published on: October 3, 2013 - 11:53 am
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