The Supreme Court does not accept Prifti-Beqiraj video as evidence
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The Supreme Court has decided not to accept as evidence Prifti-Beqiraj video found in the laptop of former-Minister of Economy, Dritan Prifti. In April 23rd session, the defense asked the resting of the case for the same reason that the Court did not accept as evidence the video registered by Prifti in the process where Ilir Meta was a defendant.

Investigations towards MP Dritan Prifti and his dependent in the Ministry of Energy, Leonard-Beqiraj, came forth from another trial, where the head of SMI, Ilir Meta, was the defendant.

During the investigations on the former-deputy PM, the prosecution uncovered a video assumed as a corruption affair. In the material that initiated the investigations, Dritan Prifti, then the Minister of Energy, was seen dividing a sum of 70 thousand Euros with his dependent, Beqiraj. The prosecution filed the case in the court on March 8.
Published on: September 10, 2012 - 9:00 pm
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