The report, speaks Dick Marty
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Swiss MP Dick Marty, whose report set in motion all the European policy, in an interview for the Albanian-Swiss newspaper "Bota Sot" shows that his investigation was based on the book of Carla del Ponte.

Marty defends his report saying that he is not against Albanians, but simply seeks the truth about the events of 1999.

Asked why in his report, Mr Marty does not speak about Serbian crimes in Kosovo and for hundreds of civilians missing since the war, or for those who are buried in mass graves in Serbia, the Swiss senator replied:

"My task was limited to the declarations made in the book of Mrs. Del Ponte and if you see the title of this report, this was my mission. For Kosovo are made from my colleagues a series of reports, but my report deals with the specific allegations. My task was very limited, "said Swiss senator for "Bota Sot ", adding that if you read the report can not be said to be pro-Serb because in our recommendations we say to the Serbs to fulfill their obligations.
Published on: January 30, 2011 - 11:54 pm
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