The proposal of Crvenkovski is fake
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The stand of the leader of Macedonian opposite Branko Crvenkovski regarding the name and identity are two faces. This was a comment of Prime Minister Nikolla Gruevski for the declaration of Crvenkovski a day before, who said that he will support every solution which does not harm the national identity and is acceptable for the government.

That declaration is fake because Gruevski knows very well that Greece is decided in her stand and harms the identity. It is the same Cėrvenkovski that in 2005 accepted a proposal from Nimiē, in which it was discussed the identity, I denied that proposal. We were prejudiced then for not accepting.
After the declaration, the party of Crvenkovski has appealed the Prime minister to stop the instruments and misusage of context of name for daily political scope.
Published on: May 26, 2012 - 3:33 pm
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