The majority rejects DP's request for Leskaj's term
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The majority in the Council for Regulation of Mandates and Immunity, voted against the DP request to end the term of the Socialist MP Valentina Leskaj. The opposition accused her sons for stealing money from public assets.

Arben Ristani said that her sons, have received money from public funds in at least two cases, one connected to the railway and another one deals with two contracts, one on November 24th 2014 with the Ministry of Agriculture, where one of her sons received ALL 45 million through Abcons, and in the second case through "Matrix constructions", they received 1 million euros", said Ristani.

"Under the Constitution, Article 70, MP cannot exercise any other public duty when any individual, close to him or her enters a contract or subcontract with any public institution. So, the conflict of interest law prohibits such thing and that is why, Leskaj's term must be terminated", Ristani said.

Meanwhile, Leskaj's lawyer said that demand of the opposition is not legal and there is no any violation of the law. /
Published on: November 21, 2015 - 12:59 pm
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