Thaci: We must fight terrorism
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Foreign Minister of Kosovo Hashim Thaci in an interview with "Politico" said that terrorism must be fought, because it might spoil relations with America.

Regarding the phenomenon of extremism, Thaci said that this is a highly complex phenomenon, while he also spoke about the priorities that he will have when in charge of Kosovo diplomacy.

He said that priorities cannot be shared in simple numbers.

"Many things have priority in the foreign policy in Kosovo. Of course, the direction is the one and only - Kosovo as a member of NATO, EU, integrated in society, the economy and the system of Euro-Atlantic security. For this to happen, we need to engage in many directions.

If we talk only about foreign policy, then the signing of the SAA with the European Commission, the visa liberalization process, the application for membership in the Council of Europe and the Partnership for Peace, then the dialogue process with neighbors and combating extremism are some of the areas where we need to engage urgently and repeatedly.

For example, Kosovo needs to meet more conditions than Serbia and Albania to obtain visa liberalization, because the circumstances in Europe have changed with the global economic crisis and the fatigue that many Europeans feel because of the expansion of EU towards Eastern Europe. This is unfortunate, but it does not make us lose patience, because the goal of European integration is not only the formal signing of the agreements but also the very process of reforming and improving ourselves and our lives", he said.

When asked about extremism, Thaci said:

"Religious extremism is a very complex phenomena. Many people with low education and poor economic conditions are easily influenced by extremists and their filthy propaganda.

Propaganda of religious extremism, including some imams, take enormous amounts of money from different channels on one side and live an immoral life of luxury, but on the other hand are lying the poor people with religious extremism." /
Published on: January 6, 2015 - 6:21 pm
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