Territorial reform, Nishani: Must be in the interest of citizens
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The president of the Republic, Bujar Nishani said today that the administrative-territorial reform is in the interest of the citizens and very important for the country and is also connected to national security.

During a meeting with representatives of the local municipalities, the head of the state said that this reform asks for expertise and professionalism.

"The President, after listening to their opinions, proposals and views, said that the reform must at first harmonize the vital interests of the Albanian citizens with those of the state", the press release reads.

The president said he fully supports the initiative of the government for this reform by considering it a very important matter and it implementation should be done in full compliance with national interests, those of citizens and should be a process based on the Constitution and laws of the country.

Those present in the meeting, after expressing their gratitude for meeting with the head of the state and for having the opportunity to express their opinions, were assured by President Nishani that he will serve as a powerful voice to convey public interests and concerns of citizens by emphasizing the need to create a consolidated image of the Albanian state. /albeu.com/
Published on: August 20, 2014 - 2:27 pm
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