Tahiri comments the chance to restore death penalty in Albania
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Minister Tahiri has praised calls to restore the death penalty, after the execution of two Czech tourists. Through a detailed post on the social network Facebook, Tahiri writes that he has proposed two new initiatives.

"The call for death penalty? It is not a vindictive instinct, but is the strongest sign that people don't trust the justice system. It is also the biggest encouragement for reform.

So I understand all those people who have written these days about the arrest of the prime suspect for the murder of two tourists in Dukagjin.

Everyone that has suggested the restoring of death penalty, does not seek revenge, but justice. The disbelief that the justice system will not do justice, leads many people to believe that this is the only way.

We can not choose the simplest way. We need to reform the justice system, while we need to monitor every decision of any judge in the country and report any abuse.

I officially proposed two initiatives, which I hope will be subject of debate by the experts of relevant institutions but also to reform the justice system. The first proposal brings mechanical (mathematical) unity of penalties. If the proposal would be adopted, the criminal will be stay in prison for the two (or more) criminal offenses consumed.

The second proposal provides the isolation of high-risk convicts, removing any chance for them to return to the society as more trained criminals. "/albeu.com/
Published on: July 7, 2015 - 4:07 pm
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