Tahiri: Albania, no longer among countries that cultivate drugs
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Ministry of Interior Affairs presented the results of the operation against the cultivation of narcotic plants, from March-September 2014.

Tahiri said that Albania is no longer part of the black map as a country of origin for the cultivation and trafficking of narcotics.

He pointed out that in a few months thet achieved results that weren't achieved in a period of 6 or 8 years.

"Initially we cleaned the dirty cops from the police. We worked closely with foreign partners, in particular with the Italian Police (Guardia di Finanzza), with PAMECA, ICITAT etc., creating a decent police to intervene in the action, and neutralize over 41 criminal groups.

Today it is easier to understand that it was all part of a well-thought and well-planned scenario. I asked the Minister of Interior of Italy to identify from the air each parcel of drugs. The first parcel was identified in March in Berat. We organized the largest anti-drug operation in Europe the one in Lazarat" he said.

The Interior Minister reported that from March until now there have been destroyed 2214 cannabis parcels, 1,118 persons are prosecuted and 41 criminal groups are destroyed.

"The monetary value of the drug is 6.4 billion euros. Before this, where did the money go? It went to the crime, to corrupt politicians and to destroy democracy and the rule of law and create a warped society.

Drug trafficking remains a threat. We have much work ahead of us" he said.
Published on: September 23, 2014 - 12:16 pm
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