Supervisory Board asks the Parliament to chose a new governor
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The Supervisory Board of the Bank of Albania has requested the Parliament to choose today the governor and the new inspector of the Bank, after the arrest of Ardian Fullani and Elivar Golemi. In a statement, the Board said the situation in the banking system is stable. "Supervisory Board of the Bank of Albania met today, on September 10th 2014 to follow closely and continuously the developments in financial markets and institutions, as well in the Bank of Albania.

Based on the information analyzed, the Supervisory Board considers that the developments in the money markets, foreign exchange appear to be stable in terms of volume of activity and volatility, in accordance with their seasonal performance and historical trends. Operational data from the banking sector, indicate a normal performance level of deposits and a stable situation in the development of the activity.

Supervisory Board was acquainted with the progress of measures taken and appreciates the efforts of the management of the Bank of Albania to normalize the situation. In this context, the Supervisory Board emphasizes appreciation and full support for the work of the staff of the central monetary institution.

Supervisory Board, finds that although legal provisions are adequate for the activity of the Bank of Albania in the current situation, organizing the management of the institution in a fast time is crucial. Furthermore, the Supervisory Board brings to the attention of Parliament the fact that the law does not provide the continuity of the function of the Inspector General, in his absence. In conclusion, the Supervisory Board reiterates full commitment to responsibly exercise the functions established by law, "reads the statement of the Supervisory Board. /
Published on: September 10, 2014 - 5:46 pm
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