Subashi urges to review the law of raising inquiry commissions
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Armando Subashi, the Socialist Party MP today, urged to avoid pointless debates regarding the issue of the creation of the Commission of Inquiry in connection with investigations into Administration.

"Parliament certainly on the grounds of that request, should review the request for the Commission of Inquiry. The recent decision of the Constitutional Court, should make us reflect in the Assembly, because the time has come that we must see the laws carefully. Changes are needed, and we need to reflect those suggestions that jurisprudence has sanctioned. There is no doubt that we do not want to minimize the amount of Investigatory Committees. " Suggested Subashi for the media.

According to him, the Constitution has only a section of it, to establish a Commission of Inquiry.

"The fact has shown that while there was a need for a series of decisions by the people who have interpreted this law, the time has come that this law is suited and made more effective. We should eliminate pointless debates, because it needs to be revised based on the law. The new commission will rise, and may have time until July 31, or September, but the time that this committee works is a constitutional law, " he said.
Published on: June 13, 2014 - 2:59 pm
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