State of emergency in Prishtina, Shpend Ahmeti arrested
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State of emergency in Kosovo as hundreds of people took the streets to protest again today, while the police has arrested many people, among them the mayor of Prishtina Shpend Ahmeti. Despite arrests, protesters continue to stay in the central square of the city. The police was attacked at some point during the day with molotov cocktails.

Over 20 people are reported to be hurt. There are reports that among those hurt is also the leaders of Vetevendosje Albin Kurti and Visar Ymeri. The cause was the tear gas that police used against protesters. People are protesting against Serb Minsiter Jablanovic, and ask him to resign.

Three parties of the opposition, Vetevendosje, AAK and Nisma organized the protest after PM Isa Mustafa did not answer to the comments of Jablanovic who described Albanian protesters who picketed and threw ice at Serb pilgrims visiting a church in Gjakova at Orthodox Christmas as “savages”. /
Published on: January 27, 2015 - 3:25 pm
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