SMI: Support for the ongoing electoral reform
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Socialist Movement for Integration (SMI) voiced Thursday its support for the ongoing electoral reform and the electronic counting of votes in the next general elections, due in 2013, expressing also scepticism about due implementation of technical aspects of this method due to the short time until the next elections. SMI has put forward to proposals to the Electoral Reform Committee about pilot counting of the ballots and increase of the number of the electoral administration zones. SMI Secretary for Electoral Affairs, Ylli Manjani, said in a statement that if the electoral process will not be prepared as required by all political factors, the next general elections could fail. SMI has already supported the idea of electronic counting believing that this method will guarantee free and fair elections. However, considering obvious circumstances we remain sceptical about implementation of this method, Manjani said. /
Published on: April 12, 2012 - 10:26 am
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