Session for Holocaust in Albanian Parliament
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The Albanian Parliament held a special session for the Holocaust, which has been considered as one of the gravest events in the history of humanity.

During this session, Albanian PM Sali Berisha declared that the Holocaust is the most barbarian act in the civilization memory.

“Dictatorships are the worst things of this world. Holocaust would not have these proportions if not for the indifference. The Holocaust had more than 6 million victims. We express our honor to the victims and to those who defended the Jews”, Berisha declared.

Berisha, during his visit in the USA last week, mentioned Holocaust museum where he mentioned Albania’s role in defending the Jews during the WWII.

Also, The Parliament Speaker Mrs. Jozefina Topalli reminded the activity of Albanians for saving the Jews during the holocaust.

“The Albanians did not hand over any Jew, despite the danger. Few people know the sacrifices that the Albanians did after the WWII for the Jewish people”, Topalli declared. /
Published on: May 4, 2012 - 10:03 am
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