Sequi: Albania's duty to fulfil political criteria
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The head of EU Delegation to Albania, Ettore Sequi, said today at the ceremony of signing the cooperation agreement between the People's Ombudsman and Civil Society organizations on protection of human rights that "It is Albania's duty to fulfil political criteria that Copenhagen has set. Criteria 11 and 12 are about protection of human rights and prevention of maltreatment. Therefore, we think that involvement of the People's Ombudsman institution and civil society will help prevent cases of discrimination." Civil society needs to be protected and promoted and we will do that in concrete terms. We believe that the powerful role of civil society and People's Ombudsman is a prerequisite for integration because the protection of human rights is fundamental to the European values, according to Sequi.This is the reason EU has provided more than EUR 5 mln to support civil society in the last years, Sequi said. /
Published on: April 3, 2012 - 3:13 pm
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