Sequi: Albania progress towards fullfilling the EU's key priorities
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The Head of the European Union Delegation to Albania, Ambassador Ettore Sequi said Monday that Albania has made progress towards fulfilling the EUs key priorities, while the issue whether Albania would be given the EU candidate status will be determined in October when the European Commission releases its annual Progress Report. "I dont know whether Albania will or will not obtain the EU candidate status. The Progress Report will be released in October and it is this document that will determine whether Albania will be given the EU candidate status. However, a lot remain to be done until October," EU Ambassador told reporters at a ceremony to present an EU-funded project to strengthen the environmental monitoring system in Albania. Sequi said: It is important that progress is being made and obtaining the candidate status could be possible through political will." The 2 million project on scientific equipment provided to the Laboratory for Soil Monitoring of the University of Kamza. He noted that in the last 20 years, Albania has experienced impressive economic growth, but it has experienced environmental degradation too which translates into a loss of economic potential, a loss of jobs and income in sectors such as tourism, recycling, farming and agriculture. /
Published on: March 5, 2012 - 2:45 pm
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