Ristani: Rama appoints as a director a drug trafficker
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Democratic Party continues raising charges against Prime Minister Rama for appointing persons with criminal precedent in important administrative positions. MP Arben Ristani denounced today the appointment of a person arrested for drug trafficking, to the post of Regional Director of Transportation in Saranda.

"Appointment in key positions of persons with criminal dangerous precedent, is one of the reasons why drug trafficking is flourishing in every corner of Albania. Edi Rama has really shown determination to involvement in the administrative appointments of these characters, who often have a very dark past. Klement Balli was arrested in July 2006, with 750 kilograms of cannabis. a successful police action at that time, after the man was suspected of running a criminal clan in the surroundings of Saranda. Today, Edi Rama, the man of 750 kilograms of cannabis, appoints him as Director of the Regional Transport in Saranda. This is the model of governing of Edi Rama.And that is why drugs have exploded everywhere, "said Ristani.

According to him, "The prime minister has not only freed the way to traffickers, but has also given them, the important offices of the state." / albeu.com /
Published on: May 18, 2014 - 4:32 pm
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