Risk of terrorism, Kosovo leads the Balkans
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Kosovo is listed along non-peaceful countries in the Balkans, but the bad news is that it also ranks as one of the countries with the highest risk in terms of terrorism, reports Republika.info.

In a research done by the Institute for Economics and Peace based in New York, the states inhabited by Albanians, Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania are the three countries that had most terrorist activities in recent years.

In this research, the first place is held by Iraq, followed by Afghanistan and Syria.

Kosovo is ranked 62nd. Indicators that have contributed to this ranking are motivated terrorist attacks that occurred in Kosovo are incidents with fatalities, injuries and property damage, reports "Republika".

In this world ranking neighboring countries rank better than Kosovo. Albania is 78th, Macedonia ranks 73rd, while Serbia 106th. /albeu.com/
Published on: November 21, 2015 - 8:36 pm
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