RENEWABLES: Considerable investment opportunities in Albania
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Albania is exceptionally rich in renewable energy sources and most of the country’s electricity is generated by hydropower plants, but the increased electricity demand has led to regular power shortages.

Although new EU regulations have been implemented and the infrastructure developed, there is still plenty to do for the renewable sector in Albania.

The country is now reforming its electricity model to attract further investments in renewable energy. At the moment, Albania is one of the most attractive countries for energy investors. Apart from being strategically located in South-eastern Europe, with a natural opening to European markets and the Balkan region, and at the crossroads of major European corridors, Albania possesses low construction prices and labour force salaries.

So far, the country is only exploiting 35% of its hydropower potential, so it is a priority to discuss Albania’s energy future.

On 17-18th March in Tirana, key industry leaders will gather at the Albania Oil, Gas & Energy 2015 Summit to assess the huge investment opportunities offered by this renewable-rich country.
Published on: January 28, 2015 - 12:40 pm
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