Rama: The government is a bunch
Kryetari i PS-s, Edi Rama
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Away from major cities and large halls, Edi Rama has continued his tour of meetings with the base in the small town of Kucova. The city has been until recently a city of oilmen,that is why Edi Rama touched the issue of alleged traffic with oil "Vergin". The issue has come to the surface again, after the arrests ordered by the prosecution. For Edi Rama, the corruption of power always remains an actual issue.

Kucova, except Municipality of Kuvova, has two other communs, Kozar and Perondi. In the local elections of 2007, on all three local government units won the candidates from the left coalition of PS-LSI./albeu.com/
Published on: March 14, 2011 - 10:33 am
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