Rama plans to arrest former PM Sali Berisha
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Former Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha will soon be arrested. This is what Greek portal "voria.gr" writes today, citing sources close to the government. According to it Rama wants to prove that the government is ready to deal with the phenomenon of corruption.

"The fight against corruption and organized crime has been the main reason for the failure of Albania to get a date for starting EU accession negotiations" writes voria.gr.

Here are the allegations the portal writes about.

1. The killings of 21st January 2011. 4 protesters were killed.

2. Gerdeci- the explosion in Gerdec where 26 people were killed and at least 300 were injured and 4,000 houses were destroyed. The case involved Berisha and his son.

3. The Maritime agreement with Greece. It is considered the biggest betrayal towards the country after the sale of St. Naum and capitulation of Ahmet Zogu. The case involved Sali Berisha and actual DP leader Lulzim Basha, at the time, Foreign Minister.

4. Corruption - on the case of Durres-Kukes highway.

5. The coup on September 14th 1998, former Prime Minister Berisha identified as the architect of the coup, an event occurred after the assassination of Democrat leader, Azem Hajdari. /albeu.com/
Published on: September 19, 2014 - 12:13 pm
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