Rama: Albania, ready to open negotiations with EU
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What have you agreed in meetings in Brussels and what do you hope to agree on infrastructure projects?

It was a very important meeting because it brought us a step forward in the process of Berlin. So, today, we can say that we have almost designed and approved the fundamentals of the infrastructure network that will allow our countries along with the European Union, to invest in communications. This is an achievement, because it is something that no one could have imagined a few years ago.

Can you talk about specific infrastructure projects that Albania has?

"Yes of course, we are part of it. The beauty of this process is that there is no part of the infrastructure designed for a single country, but it has to do with the interconnection between countries, which will have to work together and build together this common infrastructure network for the future.

Albania insists on a concrete date to open EU accession negotiations. How many of the reforms that Brussels wants have you accomplished?

We do not insist, but we firmly believe that we are ready to open them. On the other hand we are very aware that Europe is in a very special moment, no matter what we say and what they say, it is not simply a technical decision, but more a political one, which relates to the ego many states, personal interests or egocentric perspectives. The important thing is that we are ready to open these negotiations.

Your statements regarding Kosovo and Albania have attracted attention causing criticism. Does this mean that you have been misinterpreted or what did you want to say when you talked about this issue?

I think my ideas about this have been taken out of context, although I expressed myself clearly, openly and sincerely, that means that for Albanians this is a fantastic moment in our history. We have never been better, not only in Albania but also in Kosovo and beyond. The integration process must be understood as a unique instrument to modernize our realities and at the same time to join with each other, in Europe. At the same time, I don't what to repeat what I've said again, that this is our way on how we see the situation. But that also depends on Europe how it looks and, understands and how it needs the Balkans, as the Balkans have always needed for Europe. Depends also on how Europe will manage to stop nationalist strategies that prevail upon our dream to be part of a big family, so this dream, is not directed by the nationalist spirit. /albeu.com/
Published on: April 21, 2015 - 8:01 pm
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