PS would not withdraw from the transparency
Olta Xhaka
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The Socialist Party has reacted after the statement of Prime Minister Berisha for the opposition, qualifying it as an exemplary performance of the level where the Council of Ministers of Albania has dropped off.

At a press conference the SP deputy Olta Xhaka, referring to Prime Minister Berisha that the box belongs to the past year, she said that closing the box is the basis of his power to steal.

"This vote sneak must forget that the opposition will give up the transparency of the June 28 ballot. Burning the ballots could not cover the electoral crime, sooner or later we will do transparency by drawing the eyes of the people manipulating the election materials. As for Edi Rama, Sali Berisha makes good to apologize for the false tale of 20 per cent who sang it to all Albanians for 3 months shamelessly with all the loudspeakers of local power to steal "said Xhaka.
Published on: January 4, 2011 - 2:53 pm
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