Prosecution investigates MP-es Veliaj, Ndreu and Ndoka
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Attorney's General Office published the names of several senior officials, who have been investigated by the prosecution.

In addition to some top officials who allegedly did hide their assets or have abused their office, Astrit Veliaj, Pjerin Ndreu and Arben Ndoka MP-es under investigation.

"The Prosecution has filed a general count against three MP-es of the Parliament. Pjerin Ndreu and Arben Ndoka are are being accused of assault after the attacking Gent Strazimiri a democrat MP.

While Astrit Veliaj is being accused of abusing the laws in construction and destruction of property, "said the representative of the prosecution, Ballauri in a press conference.
Published on: September 23, 2014 - 2:55 pm
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