President of Albania Bujar Nishani awards to Mr. Ahmet Calik the title "For Special Civil Merits"
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President of Albania Bujar Nishani awarded to the President of Calik Holding, Mr. Ahmet Calik the title “For Special Civil Merits” with the motivation: “Appraisal of the distinguished contribution as the leader of Calik Holding , through the goodwill of major investments in important sectors, has contributed to the improvement of standards and economic growth of Albania, by hiring a large numbers of employees in the his Group companies, and in gratitude for the humanitarian activity displayed by him in terms of social assistance to people in need”.

This statement was posted on the presidency official web page This title is awarded by the President of the Republic of Albania, to Albanian and foreign personalities for special civil merits in Albania.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of business community operating in Albania and aimed at recognition and appreciation of the civil contributions that business in general and its representatives have made to the economic, financial and social development of Albania.

The assessment for Mr. Ahmet Calik had to do not only with the important investment presence of Calik Holding, BKT and ALBtelecom companies, which operate in very important sectors, but also refers to its social and charitable components.

In his speech, Mr. Calik stated that Calık Group, with the philosophy “Value for the People, Service to the Community” in many countries, from the Balkans to Central Asia, from the Middle East to Africa, we serve with 27,000 employees in sectors of energy, mining, construction, finance, textile and telecommunications.

“BKT and ALBtelecom companies, driven by our primary principle, have built projects to improve the social life in areas such as education, environment and health. We create the infrastructure and systems with the latest technology to provide the best services at international standards for the people of this country. We operate here and we set ourselves targets to create and add long lasting values to the life of this country.”- said Calik.

ALBtelecom and Eagle Mobile is the largest company in telecommunications in Albania that provides four kind of services: Fixed and Mobile Telephony, Internet and Television. On the other hand, BKT has been awarded with many international prizes from financial institutions like ‘The Banker’, ‘Euromoney’ and ‘EMEA Finance’.

Two giant companies BKT and ALBtelecom, following the same philosophy on social responsibility, are walking in parallel with social responsibility policies of Calik Holding and are determined and focused to contribute further to the social responsibility projects in the country.
Published on: February 21, 2016 - 9:34 pm
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