Pope Francis blesses Albania
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Update- From the "Mother Teresa" square, Pope Francis blessed the Albanian nation for more peace and goodness. "Being among you today dear brothers and sisters of Albania, in this square dedicated to Mother Teresa of Calcutta I repeat: Peace at home, peace in your hearts, in your nation," said Pope Francis.

11:06 - Pope Francis thanked all Albanians for their hospitality. During his speech at the Presidency, the Pope asked God to give Albanians goodness. He also praised the religious tolerance that prevails in Albania.

"Thanks for inviting me to visit this country is called the land of the Eagles. Thank you for your hospitality. Religious harmony is an asset that you should save. Mutual trust between Catholics and Muslims is a valuable asset for the country and deserves special attention in times when these extremist groups violate the religious value.

Cooperation among regional countries and the Mediterranean countries and Europe.

Respect is a key word in you, the respect for cultural diversity, social and economic development of a country is important.

These rights must be recognized and guaranteed by everyone.

This is a huge asset. Nobody should think that he can utilize to use God for violence. What occurs in Albania, a peaceful coexistence between different religious communities is not only commendable, but it is possible and you are practicing.

Albania is an example to be followed. "Pope Francis said during his speech.

10: 19. The Holy Father, Pope Francis met with President Bujar Nishani. The ceremony began with the playing of the Vatican anthem and national anthem of Albania.

Later Pope Francis wrote a note in the Book of impressions in the Presidency, where he left a message for all Albanian citizens.

"They all welcome you in Albania. Thank you for choosing our country for your first trip to Europe. Every Albanian thanks you. We Albanians are an old nation have one language but we pray to God in different ways. But we are always in peace and harmony with each other. "The president said in his welcome speech. /albeu.com/
Published on: September 21, 2014 - 1:06 pm
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