Pensions law to change
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The pensions law will change. This will affect the supplementary pension, social pension and payment of social and health contributions. According to the recent government decision, this protects all persons exercising functions or special constitutional duty and people with scientific degrees.

Also takes in defense of state employees, servicemen serving in the Armed Forces structures, the Police State, the Guard, the State Information Service, the Police, Prisons, Police, Fire Protection and Rescue, Service employees Complaints and Internal Affairs.

"The criteria required for supplementary social insurance categories included in the list above shall be determined by special laws. Retirement pension shall be entitled to be received by those who have completed not less than 15 years of social insurance, have the right for age pension when they also reach the age specified in Section 92, the law. Also this pension will be received by mothers who have given birth to six or more children, who have grown to more than 8 years; they have the right to go on retire when they reach 55 years of age and have 30 years of insurance "reads the new law on pensions./
Published on: September 3, 2014 - 11:46 am
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