Nishani urges Ivanov to avoid inter-ethnic violence
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President of the Republic Bujar Nishani met with his Macedonian counterpart, George Ivanov with whom he discussed the Ohrid Agreement. Nishani said that Skopje must fully implement the Ohrid Agreement and respect all rights of Albanians that do live in Macedonia.

On the other hand, Nishani said that Albania support Macedonia's entry in NATO and said the name issue with Greece needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

"We also had the opportunity to discuss regional cooperation, to guarantee peace and security. I invited President Ivanov to be part of the next meeting of SEECP. The situation and the rights of the Albanian community in Macedonia are deeply connected to the Ohrid Agreement and its fulfillment. The Albanian language needs to be used in all institutions, because Albanians are a factor of stability.

Also we must avoid small incidents that have been happening. Inter-ethnic relations in Macedonia are key to peace and stability in the region. As for the Macedonian minority in Albania, we are helping these people preserve their language, culture and national identity", Nishani said. /
Published on: April 3, 2015 - 11:55 am
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