Ngjela feels sorry for Basha and the opposition
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Spartak Ngjela says he sympathizes the current state of the opposition. Ngjela says that they are disappearing trying to cover up the corruptive affairs of Sali Berisha.

"Unfortunately, we are being ridiculous in the eyes of the international community. Today's politics has nothing rational. An opposition that has decided to boycott the Parliament, because Berisha is affraid that the international pressure to make justice in Albania, will uncover his corruptive affairs. He is scared and this can be seen clearly", Ngjela says by critisizing also the current head of DP Lulzim Basha for staying silent. Basha cannot get rid of Berisha's influence, he says.

“Many say that Berisha does not let him speak. Why doesn't he find another way. Berisha knows that he doesn't have any supporters in the country. He knows it very well and so does Basha", Ngjela says.

According to Ngjela, Berisha and his family is involved in corruption affairs, because they thought they could manage to manipulate the election process again, but this did not happen and Berisha is now scared.

According to Ngjela Berisha is trying to protect himself with revolution, but this is impossible because the state is too strong now. /
Published on: September 1, 2014 - 1:00 pm
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