Ndoka accuses Meta for violating the right of speech
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On his Facebook account Nard Ndoka commented and attacked Ilir Meta, the Speaker of the Parliament, saying he is acting as he is the "boss" of the Parliament because he did not let him speak.

Ndoka, said that he has turned the Parliament into private property. According to him, Ilir Meta removed the right of free speech in the Assembly, by closing the session.

"The Parliament has become a private property of Ilir Meta. The majority is in chaos, they don't respect the law, the regulation of Parliament, the opposition, or the MP.

What a pity, what a shame! Today I entered the Parliament, not to break the opposition boycott, but to make a statement and to make a proposal for the establishment of a Parliamentary Commission "For coordination between state institutions and the protocol, the Albanian Catholic Church and the Vatican, since Pope Francis is visiting our country.

Although I was the only opposition MP in the hall, Meta who thinks and acts as he is a "boss", closed the parliamentary session and removee the possibility of speech", Ndoka wrote.

He said that this action qualifies as arrogant, although Meta, says that is against the boycott. /albeu.com/
Published on: September 11, 2014 - 4:51 pm
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