Moisiu: The Justice Reform is vital for the country
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Former President of the Republic Alfred Moisiu urged the adoption of the Justice Reform on July 21st, as it is vital for the fate of the country.

He expressed his disappointment that the political class is unable to find a way to adopt this reform. He says that after the reform, parties should also review the Electoral Code.

"The Justice Reform is fundamental to the future of our country. Unfortunately it is being delayed too much. I hope the reform will be voted on July 21st. I think that politics must give up on partisan interests. It should be in the interest of Albania" he said from Shkodra, at an event organized by the French Council of Peace.

The former head of state supported the initiative of a group of MPes to elect the President by the people. /
Published on: July 10, 2016 - 5:44 pm
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