Ministry of Finance: IMF confirms the positive growth trend
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The International Monetary Fund has confirmed once again that the economy has already consolidated the trend of its sustainable growth.

According to Top Channel, a press release of the Ministry of Finance, quotes the report on the Regional Economic Affairs, published today by the IMF, which contains some very positive elements for the Albanian economy.

"Firstly, in Albania the ratio between the minimum and average wage for 2015 is over 45%, or above the average in Western Europe and our country ranks second after Slovenia, of all the countries of CESEE" the report says.

Secondly, "the risk of political instability is reduced in March 2016 compared to the same period a year ago, passing from the '50 -60 interval to the'40-50.'"

Thirdly, "Albania is excluded from the group of the countries which tend to grow the external debt, due to the decline in consumption and investment.

"These are direct results of the work and profound reforms in every sector by the government," the Ministry of Finance says in its statement.

The ministry further states that the Albanian economy in 2015 grew by 2.62%, or more than the regional average.

"Comparing the figures with those of 2013, when the growth was only 1.1%, 2014 and 2015 have marked the biggest changes in the region," the press release reads.

The Albanian economy has the most stable trend in the region, despite significant fluctuations in our neighboring countries. /
Published on: May 6, 2016 - 7:18 pm
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