Macedonia removes blockade on Albanian products
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Macedonia has removed today the blockade on agricultural products from Albania. The decision comes after the reaction of the authorities in Tirana and the intensive communication between the Ministries of Economy of both countries.

The Macedonian Minister of Economy, Bekim Neziri, said that such a thing will not happen again and that we should respect the principles of CEFTA.

According to him, the problem was caused by a regulation of the Ministry of Agriculture of Macedonia, which should change quickly.

The Minister of Economic Development of Albania Ahmetaj said yesterday that Macedonia must respect the free trade agreement of CEFTA.

Albania and Macedonia have signed the Agreement on Free Trade in Central Europe - CEFTA, over the expansion of trade in goods and services, eliminating all trade barriers between the parties. /

Published on: November 25, 2015 - 9:10 pm
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