Macedonia ignores Tirana and Prishtina
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The Party which is governing Macedonia, VMRO-DPMNE, disregards the messages of Tirana and Prishtina to implement the Ohrid Agreement.

Visits by governmental and parliamentary authorities of Tirana and Prishtina, like Ilir Meta, Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thai, Minister of Defense of Albania, Mimi Kodheli had as clear message the full implementation of the Ohrid Agreement, or its not implemented parts about 14 years later.

But, as INA reports, these messages are ignored by the authorities in Skopje, which in their press releases don't even mention the issue of the Ohrid Agreement. Such thing can be proved only by reading the press releases from the government, the presidency and ministries, including the Parliament or the office of the speaker Veljanoski.

The same thing happened yesterday when Foreign Minister of Macedonia, Nikola Popovski was in Tirana, and did give any diplomatic answer when asked about the Ohrid Agreement. He said that this agreement is part of the Constitution and not specifically mentioning Albanians he said that the Constitution meets all the rights of ethnic communities in Macedonia. /
Published on: January 27, 2015 - 3:03 pm
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