Local elections, EP rapporteur refutes Basha
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EP rapporteur for Albania, Knut Flenckeinstein, at a press conference held this morning at the offices of the EU, has denied Basha's statement.

Asked about a possible boycott of local elections, as the opposition does not recognize the electoral map, EP rapporteur says Basha is a smart man and did not talk much about it, but it belongs to them to decide whether the DP will participate or not. However EP wants that each party to participate in elections.

"As I said, I'm not a referee. If a party does not wish to participate in the elections, is their free decision. I heard that the legislation or the case brings into the game the Constitutional Court. I think they have given their opinion, based on their beliefs, and I personally can not be smarter than the Constitutional Court. Let me add that I hope that all political parties will participate in the electoral process", he said.

Flenckeinstein has sought to change the political culture, because according to him, he is neither the referee nor the teacher.

"I have not come as an arbitrator, either as a teacher. If you look at me so, is the wrong way. I want to support Albania's needs for implementation of reforms and their success.

You need to accomplish 3 challenges:
- Strengthening the rule of law
- Change of political culture in order to achieve a climate of trust and cooperation and hope
- More cooperation with civil society.

"Not only the DP should change, but the majority has to do something about the dialogue, it is responsible for the atmosphere. The opposition should be constructive." /albeu.com/
Published on: January 9, 2015 - 5:03 pm
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