Lazarat at "WAR", traffickers attack police forces

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Police forces continue the operation in Lazarat. It is reported that several people attacked the police. There are no casualties in the clashes.

12:51- Lazarat residents have been terrified by the heavy gunfight of the last two days between the traffickers and police forces. They said they fear for their lives and have to stay indoors in order to escape the bullets.

There has been heavy gunfight all night. Our houses are damaged, our cars also. Our kids are scared and terrified. We have also pregnant women in our houses , a woman said in a phone interview with Ora News.

Meanwhile the police has urged the residents to stay inside.

We understand they are worried. The police is not attacking the residents of the village, the traffickers are. They are the same people that wounded two days ago a lawyer and today a policeman", the police said.

In the videos above you can see what is happening in Lazarat. /
Published on: June 17, 2014 - 3:38 pm
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