Kulla: Islamophobia does not bring more freedom and democracy
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The French satirical magazine "Charlie Hebdo", the target of a terrorist attack on January 7th, hit the market with its new number, which has broken sales records and again the cover contains the prophet Muhammad and written on it: "Je suis Charlie". Such action has also caused the reaction of Al Qaeda which has threatened with new attacks in France, while the French authorities have increased the security measures.

In a statement given to "Albeu", expert on security issues Ilir Kulla said that Islamophobia does not bring more freedom and democracy, while such actions make terrorists stronger.

What is expected to happen after that?

"Nothing special, life goes on, the families of innocent journalists will remember their family members, like the number of civilians killed every day in Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Sudan and Gaza will continue to increase. Despite the fact that"unity march" in Paris was a very strong show and impressive with strong emotions, geopolitics is guided by interests and not by emotions". /albeu.com/
Published on: January 14, 2015 - 4:56 pm
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