Karpushin: Stop talking about a Russian threat in the Balkans
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Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Tirana, Alexander Karpushin has given an interview to "Shekulli" to explain the causes of the intervention in Syria and what Russia is doing there. He also commented on the Albanian-Russian relations, which he describes as cold, with a slow growth due to the lack of will from the Albanian Government.

Karpushin stresses that the cause for such relationship is not linked to the Russian stance on Kosovo, but elsewhere, recalling that there are other states that have not recognized Kosovo, with whom Albania has good relations.

And while he speaks of a lack of will to cooperate, he also gives some advice to our diplomats: "Do not talk about the Russian danger in the Balkans."

"Until now, NATO and EU membership did not prevent any country to develop relations with Russia. I hope that the Albanian government will eventually abandon prejudices and the anti-Russian rhetoric, and we will not hear the statement of a "Russian threat" in Europe and the Balkans." /albeu.com/

Published on: November 27, 2015 - 4:40 pm
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