Justice/ DP presents the "compromise formula"
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The DP presented today its version of the Justice Reform regarding the steps to elect the 12 commissioners of the vetting.

MP Oerd Bylykbashi, in a statement to the media said that the first step of the formula is that vacancies should be advertised on the basis of criteria made public and transparent for all.

He suggested for the vacancy to be declared by the President, but it may also be the Ombudsman and then all applicant files should be sent to the Constitutional Court.

"We think that the Constitutional Court has all the professional capacity and integrity to make this selection process. In our opinion, in our proposal, the head of the Constitutional Court will select randomly a group of three judges who will evaluate the candidates in accordance to the constitutional and legal requirements, including requirements for the integrity of the candidates", Bylykbashi said.

After Bylykbashi's statement, PM Edi Rama was quick to react and comment saying that there there is nothing new in this proposition. He reiterates that the majority is ready for compromises that do not damage the reform.

Rama say they will not accept a deformation of the essence of this reform, which is guaranteeing a professional process, completely independent from political parties.

"Without the vetting process, which audits the wealth, the career and abilities of anyone who is paid by he Albanian taxes, this reform is useless. This reform will be useless also if the vetting will be done by parties, without participation from the international community", Rama added. /albeu.com/
Published on: July 8, 2016 - 4:56 pm
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