IMEI, DP: Albanians will no longer have any privacy
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The DP said today that the decision of the government to have on its own request the IMEI code, means that Albanians will no longer have any privacy. In a press conference the DP coordinator for the media, Silvi Bardhi said that this means that the citizen's life will be an open book for everyone, if someone holds the IMEI code just for some minutes.

"Spying has to have two things, the IMEI code and the programe to connect with this code. This way it is possible for everyone to spy on everything you're doing. This code is the safest way of tracing any way of communication. This is why the European Court of Justice did not accept to give the EU countries governments this right" Bardhi said.

According to Bardhi, the only thing Rama wants is to now everything Albanians speak. /
Published on: August 11, 2014 - 2:48 pm
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