Huge protests, Kosovo opposition MP arrested
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Police in Kosovo explained why they did not arrest opposition MP Albin Kurti, who has led a series of protests in parliament against agreements made with Serbia, while they did arrest Donika Kadaj-Bujupi for her actions in the parliament.

The prosecution demanded 30 days in jail for the MP. Baki Kelani, Police spokesperson said that police is looking for three other people, while Kurti will be handcuffed at the appropriate time.

At the moment, the opposition parties and their supporters are waiting in front of the government's offices.

Today, the opposition stoned the building of the government. The police said that 4 policemen were hurt, while they arrested 13 people.

Kurti: The state won't compromise

Even after the police decided to raid his home, Albin Kurti made a speech in front of many supporters, where he said that protests will continue.

"They won't accept any compromise, because the state is being persecuted", he said. He was asked by journalists if he will go to the police, but he did not reply.

As soon as Kurti arrived at the protest, protesters begun clashing with police forces.

What caused huge protests?

For weeks, Kurti, a former leader of the Self-Determination party, is objecting a deal made with Serbia, mediated by the EU in August, that hands greater autonomy to Serbs in Kosovo.

They also objects the border demarcation with Montenegro by saying that the government gave this state, lands that belongs to Kosovo.

The opposition egged PM Isa Mustafa and used tear gas in the parliament to block its work. On Tuesday, 7 people most of them police, were hurt in the protests that took place in front of the Parliament.

Protesters used petrol bombs and stones, while inside the opposition used again tear gas and pepper spray. /
Published on: November 18, 2015 - 4:20 pm
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