Halimi: Presevo needs the support of Tirana and Prishtina
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Albanian MP in the Serbian Parliament, Riza Halimi said that Albanians in the Valley are discriminated, even worse than during the Milosevic era. So, he calls on Kosovo and Albania to support Albanians in the Presevo Valley. In an interview to "Epoka e Re", Halimi says that regarding Albanian MPs, there are no changes comparing to the past.

"Like the time of Milosevic, even now we present amendments to improve the lives of Albanians in Serbia, but they are all rejected by the Serbian Assembly. We continue to be an opposition to the Serbian Parliament, although some minorities, such as Hungarians and Bosniaks, have access to central executive bodies.

As for the other areas, the National Council was formed four years ago and has tried to make a contribution, but there were obstacles from the state, such as the Ministry of Education, which did not implement the legal obligations and did not allow this council to normally function.
Also, the council is hampered by local governments, which do not recognize the National Council. This council has suffered budget cuts of 30 percent due to the known problem related to the number of Albanians in Serbia.

The problem in question relates to the boycott of census of 2011. And that continues to be the main issue in terms of solving the problem of Albanians in the Presevo Valley, because the Serbian government conditioned any discussion to resolve the problem of "dishonest" calculation of the number of Albanians in Serbia" he said.

According to Halimi the official number of Albanians in Serbia is only 5,800 residents, from 62 thousand they were in the census of 2002. Calculating also those who live in European countries, the number is more than 90 thousand, but in Serbia used to live 62 thousand Albanians.

"I repeat that this is the biggest problem of Albanians in Presevo. After Rama's visit, we have hope this problem will be solved, because Rama asked for us to be treated like Serbs in Kosovo", he said. / Albeu.com /
Published on: January 2, 2015 - 3:12 pm
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